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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Preserved Limes part 2

It has been 30 days since I prepared my limes. I moved my jar of preserved limes to the refrigerator. Before I did that I opened the jar, pulled out 2 wedges and a whole lime to puree. I put that into a small jar and cut the other limes completely into wedges and added them to a jelly jar with the brine. Just like with the lemons, the rind is now edible due to the preserving process. It’s up to you whether or not you want to use the flesh. It’s mushy so depending on what meal you are needing the lime for will be a factor it this.

Preserved Limes 30 Days
As you can see the skin is no longer a dark green color. The preserving process made the limes a brighter color. I cut a small piece of the rind from one of the limes. I knew they were thoroughly preserved because the rind was soft. As for the rind, when you are ready to use some in a meal, take out all the wedges you will need out of the jar, and rinse it off REALLY GOOD under cool water. You can thinly slice it and chop up however much you need. Again you can decide if you want to use the flesh part or just discard it.There are several ways to use preserved limes that I will list below.

Preserved Lime puree
When I made the puree I did not rinse the salt brine off of these limes. I just blended the wedges in my food processor (rind and all). The result was a nice puree of salty lime paste/pulp to use by little bits at a time in different things. The reason I did not rinse these is that I plan to use it for meals that salt will be needed anyway. I just won’t be putting salt in during cooking because the salt in this is plenty enough. Here are some different ideas and ways to use these limes:

Individual Wedges:
* Use when roasting meats
* Add to fajita or taco meat
* Make Salsa
* Eat with meats like fish, lamb, chicken
* Chop up to use in pasta, rice, or quinoa
* Add to taco salad
* Chop and use in place of lime zest in recipes
* Make lime flavored yogurt

* Use when making marinades
* Blend into vinaigrettes
* Use in dips like guacamole, black bean hummus, etc.
* Make compound or spreadable butters (aka flavored butter)
* Make Garlic Lime Aoili
* Make Pico de Gallo
* Make spreadable butters
* Use in a sauce for grilled fish/seafood
* Stir into cooked chili, soups, or stews

If you happened to have any preserved liquid left after using up the limes, the liquid should be thrown out or used as a liquid in something you are cooking. Be careful not to add any more salt than needed to the dish. I would not recommend preserved limes as safe for those with salt restricted diets, or needing to watch their sodium intake.

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Regina said...

Thank you for posting how to preserve limes. I'm the only one who likes limes. Have a blessed day!

TR said...

You're welcome Regina. You have a blessed day too!

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