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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Bulk Meal Prep: Pork Loin

For the last few weeks I have shared several batch cooking ideas with you. Today I want to share how buying a whole pork loin can save you more money than buying the smaller (already sliced) packages of meat. I just recently learned that it really is cheaper to buy the primal cuts of meat. When something like a whole pork loin goes on sale it is good to take advantage of the sale. By buying the primal cut you will have to do your own cutting since you are not buying the smaller packs. It really is easy to cut the meat down yourself. I forgot to get a picture of the pork loin I bought. I believe it was near 10 lbs. This will be a short post but keep reading to see what I did with all that meat.

Bulk Pork Loin

After cutting mine down I ended up with five meals. I bagged and put them in the freezer for later use. What are different parts of the pork loin good for?

The end pieces are good for:
* Slicing off and using for pork roasts (it's the dark part of the meat)

The middle is good for:
* Slicing into thin or thick pork chops

Other things to do with the tender parts are:
* Cut into strips for a Stir-Fry
* Cut into cubes for Stew meat or for making Kabobs

These are just examples of some things you can do. If any other things come to mind, I may come back to add to this list later. What can you think of that I haven’t added to the list? Please fee free to let me know in the comments below. I will be back next week to share another batch/bulk cooking session with you.

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Regina said...

When I learned how to pressure can, I bought a pork roast I sliced it up, canned it and it worked great for pork enchiladas, bbq pulled pork and tacos. Last night I tried your batch cooking idea for ground beef and ground turkey. So now I have those 8n my freezer to use when I need to have ground meat in a hurry.

Regina said...

Oh I forgot to mention that we learned about buying whole pork roasts from a dad. He told us he buys them and slices them for pork chops. He's a really good cook too!
Now we hadn't really thought much about that until I learned pressure canning.

TR said...

More and more you are convincing me I need to learn how to pressure can. I've never heard of it before. I haven't tried to learn regular canning because I'm scared to mess up.

Glad to hear the beef bulk session helped you :)

TR said...

See that's why my blog is called "Think 0utside the Box" because I like doing and trying new things. I'm often thinking to myself "why did I think of that before?".

TR said...

I meant "didn't"

Regina said...

I learnec how to do regular canning first and I made jam. I was terrified at first but once I got the hang of it, it was easy. Pressure canning scared me more than anything. I only learned a few months ago. When I got my canner, I found it "menancing " looking. I even named it Little Bertha because I was scared of it! But I finally got brave and canned some beans because I knew my dear husband would not be happy if I just let Little Bertha sit unused.

ஐღReneeღஐ said...

**cough** PORK LOL

TR said...

Girl you a trip! That's how I feel about them dumplins. LOL I got one coming for you next week I know you'll like. I will warn you though, I do plan to post one more pork session soon.

TR said...

I will get brave enough soon!

Regina said...

Check out from your local library a book on canning such as The Ball Blue Book. I would start with water bath canning and make jam or something.

TR said...

Thanks for the info. Regina!

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